LLC Eastern Europe

Like many areas of the world, South Eastern and Eastern Europe are faced with many complex issues such as, but not limited to, education, unemployment, poverty, racism, and poor access to technology.  Additionally, the Roma population faces the complex issues … Continue reading

Leadership for Local Change Partners with the Island Institute in Maine!

Leadership for Local Change Partners with the Island Institute in Maine to create the Institute of Sustainability for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (ISLE) ISLE supports current and emerging island leaders and entrepreneurs through training, networking, and mentoring opportunities – linking leaders … Continue reading

LLC India

LLC India

Leadership for Local Change- India: June 12- July 8, 2011 A Program at the Sri Narayani Peedam located in the Vellore District in Tamil Nadu India A program for college and graduate students, Leadership for Local Change- India invites students … Continue reading

Our Curriculum


Consistent with our vision, the Leadership for Local Change™ curriculum is the core focus of the training. Leadership for Local Change ™ is seamlessly structured, merging leadership, entrepreneurship, advocacy/communication and information technology. Each element builds upon the other to help … Continue reading

Our Evaluation Framework


A credible long-term evaluation strategy is required to assess the effectiveness of the LEADERSHIP FOR LOCAL CHANGE Program and to maintain or gain support from partners, stakeholders, colleagues and funding agencies. “Leadership programs reported being frequently asked to document the … Continue reading

Our Development Plans


As we continue growing, we are committed to ensuring that the Leadership For Local Change programs continue to be affordable and enriching to not only the participants, but the communities they wish to serve. We are excited that we now … Continue reading

Our Partners


The strides the LEADERSHIP FOR LOCAL CHANGE program makes would not be possible without our partners, collaborators and stakeholders. Their support and commitment are important as we evolve the program to meet students’ needs, the changing economic landscapes and stay … Continue reading